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High quality sinks for washing machines - made of artificial stone.

Modern design, high quality products, a wide range of models and colors.

The products are manufactured in two types.

  • White series (deep polished gloss) - gelcoat Austria coating. Anti bacterial coating.
  • Colored glossy series (deep polished gloss).

We make sinks from cast composite stone based on natural ground granite, marble or quartz 80% and polyester (or acrylic) resin 20%

The primary and most important competitive advantage of lithium stone products is that in all cast products, marble chips and micro-calcite quartzite of the highest quality from a German manufacturer are used as the base filler.

Thus, in a composition with polyester resin, drinking stone becomes an analogue of natural granite (similar chemical formulas - SiO2 more than 80%), which on the Mohs scale of hardness has 7 points against 4 points for marble. That is, granite is three steps harder and more wear-resistant than marble (for example, the leader in hardness, diamond has 10 points). The silver-based antibacterial ingredient prevents bacteria from spreading on the surfaces of kitchen sinks.

Products made of potable stone have high strength, environmental friendliness, resistance to aggressive environments and ultraviolet radiation, frost and moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration and abrasion resistance, resistance to temperature extremes [-40 - +110 C °], provided smooth transition between extreme temperatures.

This sink can be fixed above the washing machine using a set of metal brackets.

Overall size 580 x 485 x 130

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